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Out Now
‘Juice’ by Emergency Kiss 


Out Now
‘Ajnabee Ankhein’ by Emergency Kiss


Watch Now: ‘Ajnabee Ankhein’ (Music Video) by Emergency Kiss 

Watch Now: ‘Juice’ (Music Video) by Emergency Kiss 

ISSAI is a Bengaluru-based label that is committed to sharing inspiring, genre-bending and compelling music from South Asia. Rooted in the South Indian way of being, our sound is sometimes mellow, sometimes tropical, part eccentric and part serious.


We work with artists who push the boundaries of their craft to make thoughtful, intelligent music. Music which is emotionally resonant and makes sense of the complex world that we find ourselves in. Alongside contemporary artists, we also excavate timeless music from the past - sounds that refuse to be forgotten.


In essence, we are committed to fostering an environment of creative freedom for artists who envision a new sonic future.

Visit our online store to listen to and purchase our newest releases.


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